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It burns. It burns like frostbites. He made me fall in confusion. I don't know anymore what I feel or what I want to feel. The plain thought that I can see him tomorrow makes me shiver. Why you have to be so much younger than me? Why you have to be such a bishie? I'm yet again a satellite gravitating around you. Yes, this is like gravitation. It draws me towards you but still keeps me in distance. It's not matter of courage. I don't DARE to make any moves. It's not proper. Well, I feel it's not proper. If he wants it, he will come. If not, that's it.

I try to push you away in my mind. I try so hard! But the more I resist, the more I seem to fall. I know that I'm not an average woman. Really, what you see is what you get. No fancy package. This is my true face. Is that what makes you look at me? If it is, I'm happy. No faking, I'm true.

My dream is to be a housewife. I'd happily do all the chores, cooking and baking. I only wish my loved one to do dishes from time to time. I don't need anything else in this world. I just want to find man to love, man to care for. My ambition... there was no ambition, ever. Once I reached too high and fell and got badly hurt. I'm not doing that again. No, just you and me. Our small, fuzzy world. I want to be all you want. I can be all you want. All I ask is love.


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