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He must know. He must. I'm that kind of person that all my feelings are shown on my face. I can't hide what I feel unless I do it on purpose. When I know what feeling to hide it goes well, but otherwise everyone can guess what my emotions are. But I just can't help it. I'm drawn to him. Unlike with the-one-I-don't-bother-to-think-about, my feelings are the same every morning. Even if I'm in agony at night, I still like him in the morning. My blood turns cold when I think the next time I'll see him. I'd really like to know what he thinks about me. I'm confused. This is beauty and the beast backwards. He's so gorgeous, beautiful. And I'm plain, plump. I don't even use much make-up. Well, it's "what you see is what you get". Atleast I don't cover my face with thick make-up.

Whenever my brain goes on idle setting, I start thinking about him. But it's pleasant, compared to the certain someone I'm not comfortable to talk about. That one was older and his looks can't be compared with my little A. My heart aches. Even the possibility, that he might have some interest in me makes my whole body go numb. My heart is squeezed into small ball. My blood is like ice, but my face feels like it's burning. If he was to talk to me, I think my knees would go all jelly.

But my affection isn't pure. I'm not innocent, not one bit.
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